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Back after a detour…

After being away for about 6 months I am back in circulation.  Actually as of this writing I’ve been back for about 2 weeks but yesterday was the formal completion of what I’ve been up to for the past few months and I didn’t really want to start sharing much until that happened.  However, now I feel like starting to tell some of what has happened to me.  I’ve learned quite a lot and met some fascinating characters.  I wrote quite a bit while away so I have a lot of pages of thoughts to help bring back some of what I felt during the last few months and I’ll be sharing some of that.  You may find it interesting…or not I don’t know but I highly suspect that these little online ego trips we call Blogs are mostly for the amusement of the authors anyway.

So I begin with this disclaimer:  I’m going to tell the mostly true story of what happened to me over the past few months.  Some names have been changed to protect privacy.  Some events will be slightly changed in the name of simply good storytelling.  However the bulk of what I write will be true…or at least true in spirit.  Just know that your humble narrator is admittedly somewhat unreliable but also realize that the stuff that might be somewhat fictionalized is inconsequential and most of the more outrageous stuff and characters you may choose to meet if you follow this site are very real indeed.

And so I’ll begin.  We’ll just have to see what happens.